Igniting the process of empowerment and self-discovery is essentially Martha's goal for you. She will help you to position yourself firmly on your path and equip you with tools to ensure that your life is flowing.

She will guide you to find your inner strength, help you de-clog your mind and body and find your truth, so you can feel the best that you possibly can.

Martha will draw on her personal experiences that healed her immune disease - through yoga, meditation, nutrition and lifestyle choices -  she will cater to your unique circumstances and together you will be guided through your journey of self healing.


When Australian Neurologists finally discovered that Martha Christie was suffering from Multiple Sclerosis, it was after five years of misdiagnosis in Europe, where Martha had been working as a well known model. At that stage she was unable to walk and became partially blind having lost effective function on one side of her body. The relentless pain and frustration had left her deeply depressed and then, the toxic 'super drugs' with which doctors tried to bring her disease under some sort of control had severe side effects that brought a whole new raft of problems.

"I was disconnected spiritually, socially and physically", Martha recalls.

"I had no tools to work with and the medical system didn't seem to be interested in identifying the cause of the imbalance that led to my disease. Having contacted the MS charities on both sides of the globe, I felt even more alone and disempowered. I felt ill-equipped, uninformed and unsupported".

But, Martha's diagnosis gave her a starting point and a fierce determination to reconnect and heal naturally. Soon after, she was on the road to recovery. Today, Martha is a Yoga Instructor, Meditation Guide and has studied Nutritional Medicine.

"I want to share my story so that everyone - diseased or not - can improve and overcome suffering".

"We live in a society where we are becoming more connected with external influences and less connected with ourselves. I passionately believe that you can take back control, empower yourself and connect with your true nature and purpose in life".



Martha has now broken over thirteen years of silence to reveal how she has created 'the protocol' that enabled her to overcome Multiple Sclerosis and live a drug-free, healthy life.




As part of 'The Protocol', your consultations will include advice on your nutritional needs, supplement requirements - and an individualised Yoga & Meditation plan.


Martha’s study of Nutritional Medicine combined with her personal experience, will offer strategic tools and techniques to help clients achieve a more balanced, healthy and fulfilling life. After your personalised sessions you will become well-versed at making the best decisions for your well-being.



Martha, as a qualified Yoga instructor can help you realise the power of Yoga & Meditation when incorporated into your life. 

As part of 'The Protocol', Martha will guide you through specific Yoga positions & Meditation techniques that will best serve your healing. 

“We live in a society where we are becoming more connected with external influences and  less connected with ourselves.


I passionately believe that you can take back control, empower yourself and connect with your true nature and purpose in life.”

Martha Christie


Consultation fees:

Initial Consultation $120.00 (1 hr)

Initial Phone / Skype Consultation $90.00 (1 hr)

Return Consultation $90.00 (1hr)

Return Phone / Skype Consultation $50.00 (30 mins)

Get in touch / Bookings:

Martha consults on Melbourne's Mornington-Peninsula and also via Phone/Skype.


Disclaimer: Any supplements or activities recommended are as a guide only. 


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